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Is a loaf of bread production, specially designed for optimal heat distribution on dough flakes.

Description of House of Fire:

  • Equipped with metal rounds, the dough rolls from the final ferment to the firehouse.
  • A fire engine is installed on the firehouse, which operates a number of fuel systems.
  • Indoor thermal distribution using a stone chamber specially designed to withstand high temperatures.
  • Flatteners are fixed on the belt to toast the dough flakes.
  • The baguette is transported from the oven to the cooling path by a special metal path.

Special specifications :

  • The oven is well insulated using a glass insulator with a thickness of / 40 / cm from both sides.
  • The firehouse cover is made of stainless steel.
  • The internal firehouse is made of high-quality materials and stones that bear heat up to /1000/ ° C.
  • The iron track is specially manufactured to withstand high temperatures.
  • The firehouse is made of heat-resistant steel.
  • The burner works on gas and diesel,either manufactured by a German brand “FLAM” and or manufactured by an Italian brand “BALTUR”.
  • The oven is manufactured by a Turkish industrial engine with a German concession.
  • It features Speed ​​control, operation and stop by electronic control panel.
  • All the electrical and mechanical components are marked with European quality mark.

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