Arabic FurnacesProductsAutomatic Dough Cutter

Designed to cut the dough into equal parts at regular intervals and then transfer it to the initial fermenter.

dough cutter Description:

  • Equipped with a stainless-steel dough basin.
  • Operated with pneumatic system.
  • The dough basin is equipped with stainless-steel blades to move the dough and discharge it from the air.
  • The dough basin is designed to be easy to open and close for easy cleaning of the cutter.
  • Nozzle to exit the dough section with an easy-to-change loop to obtain different diameters of dough.
  • Equipped with aluminum rods.
  • Equipped with light sensors to control dough weight.
  • The cutter is fitted with knives dedicated to cutting the dough.
  • The cylinder is equipped with a flour spray.
  • The dough is transported on a Conveyor belt to the initial ferment.

Special specifications:

  • The dough exit nozzle is made of polyamide.
  • Cutlery knives made of stainless steel.
  • Aerial pistons German industry brand “FESTO”.
  • Optical sensors German industry “SICK”.
  • The dough conveyor belts are made of Felt to prevent dough sticking during transport.
  • Equipped with three Turkish industrial engines with a German concession.
  • It features Speed control, operation and stop by electronic control panel.
  • All the electrical and mechanical components are marked with European quality mark.

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