Arabic FurnacesProductsFermented Final Dough

Its function is to ferment dough chips after arrival from the chip and for a specified period of time and deliver them to the firehouse for baking.

Description of final fermentation:

  • Consisting of several layers of conveyor belts.
  • It is equipped with transparent doors mounted on aluminum rails and closed from the top.
  • The walkway is equipped with mules to facilitate the transfer of dough from one layer to another.
  • Fermentation time can be controlled from / 6-20 / minutes as needed.

Special specifications:

  • Made of alimentary felt.
  • The final fermentation doors are made of fiberglass.
  • The measurements of the soil are changed to suit the available space and the required productivity.
  • It features Heat and humidity control system through openings and fans used on request.
  • It features Speed control, operation and stop by electronic control panel.
  • All the electrical and mechanical components are marked with European quality mark.

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