Arabic FurnacesProductsAutomatic Dough Chip

Its mission is to turn the fermented dough balls into flat and equal circular chips in three stages:

  • Primary stage:
    – Crack the dough with a hard chrome-plated cylinder.
    – The dough balls are transferred from the initial ferment to the chip by a special process.
    – The cylinder in the chip is equipped with flour grinders.
  • Baking Transfer Phase:
    – The baguette is transferred from the initial stage of toasting to the final stage of toasting by a belt.
    – The loaf is pushed to the final toasting stage with cushions made of alimentary chromium.
  • The final stage:
    – Complete the process of toasting and the dough is converted from oval shape to circular shape
    – The dough is toasted by a hard chrome-plated cylinder.

Special specifications:

  • This machine is designed with advanced technology to control the thickness of the bag and its rotational accuracy.
  • The aerial pistons are German industry branded “FESTO”.
  • The optical sensors are German industry branded “SICK”.
  • The dough conveyor belts are made of Felt to prevent dough sticking during transport.
  • The machines are equipped with Turkish engine engines with a German concession.
  • It features Speed control, operation and stop by electronic control panel.
  • All the electrical and mechanical components are marked with European quality mark.

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