Our products are (CE – ISO) Certified.

Turkish commercial and industrial register in which we can export to all countries of the world.

The possibility of shipping, connection, installation and implementation in all countries of the world.

The possibility of financial transfer through local and international banks within the bank credits concluded.

The ability to communicate, answer and submit offers from all countries through social networks.

We are experts in providing comprehensive studies on the establishment of the Arab bread production line.

The possibility of developing and adding special advantages for each machine on demand.

Full service after sale.

Annual maintenance contracts.

Timely accuracy and high quality in production.

Attention to safety and security rules.

شهادة التسجيل
شهادة المطابقة

Alfa Bread Products

Automatic lines for the production of Arabic bread.

Rotary kilns: To produce French bread, pastries, and desserts.

Furnaces, accessories and maintenance parts.

Mobile oven on trolley.


Advantages of production lines

Manufacturing lines within different production capacities and different areas.

The possibility of converting the production line from binary to triple or vice versa commensurate with the output size.

The possibility of installing mobile production lines within a movable trailer.

The automatic oven is operated on the fuel (Gaz, oil) as needed.


Overview of our Company

One of the largest companies interested in the world of mechanical furnaces industry and one of the first companies seeking to develop and update.

The company has been headquartered in a strategic area in southern Turkey (kilis) for easy shipping to all countries.

Our products have obtained many European and international certificates in quality and standard specifications.

A large cadre and a specialized team of managers, engineers, and technicians both inside and outside the company working according to the latest production methods.